How to reset Earthlink password?

Earthlink provides high speed internet services which is reliable safe and affordable and many other IT services and if you have account on Earthlink website, and you need to do Earthlink Password Reset, due to any reason like it is regular password reset process or you have faced the issue of unauthorized access to your account.

Change or Reset Earthlink Email password with following steps

The procedure to change the password is given below:

  1. Go to account reset page of Earthlink.
  1. Enter the email address for which you need to do account recovery.
  1. You need to verify the identity.
  1. You can change the password using following steps:


  • Two step verification
  • Through Primary mail address
  • Answering security questions


  1. For recovery through two step verification, you need to enter phone number on the account recovery page.
  1. A code is sent on your phone number to recover your account.
  1. Enter the code on the account recovery page.
  1. If there has been delay on receiving the code on your phone number, check for the network connectivity and if there you are in no network zone then you can give a try to other two processes.
  1. Suppose, if you don’t have access to your phone number, you can do Earthlink password recovery through primary mail address.
  1. A primary mail address is an another account that you save on the Earthlink account while making your Earthlink account.
  1. Enter the primary mail address on the account recovery page.
  1. A link to reset the password is sent on your primary mail address.
  1. Open the primary mail in the next browser.
  1. Click on the link to reset the password. The link gets opened in the next browser.
  1. Reset the password accordingly while you reset the password, ensure that you have made the combination of small letters, capital letters, symbols and numbers.
  1. However, with following option you can try to reset the password, you need to answer the security questions. While answering the security question, you must provide exact            Answer as you had during account creation.
  1. Follow the on -screen instruction to recover your account.


If you still need assistance you can contact the Earthlink password reset team to recover your password.

With Earthlink account, you can do much more like you can change your subscription pack.Also, you can download the app of Earthlink onto your mobile and use the same. Earthlink keeps on innovating its services; you can browse through news and can activate upto 8 email addresses.

For more features information, all you need to do is contact the customer care!

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